New Brunswick

Come visit Acadian territory! New Brunswick is a special favourite of French-speaking visitors to Canada. What to experience? The culture, the nature, the tides and all the lobster you can eat! If you are looking for a destination off the beaten path, where their welcome and the notion of “joie de vivre “ reign supreme, New Brunswick will surprise you at every turn. Here, the constant tides define the rhythm of the coastal villagers, fishermen and others whose lives are tied to the sea. An abundant nature is protected but readily accessible, so all can discover the wildlife and flora

No salute to New Brunswick is complete without a nod to the proud and courageous Acadians. They are responsible for maintaining the heritage of the region. Every year in mid-August, Acadians hold great festivals all over the province, with music and parades to celebrate their heritage. Reaching out to land and sea, New Brunswick offers an authentic experience.

New Brunswick is one of the three Maritime Provinces, grouped closely along Canada’s Atlantic coast. The two others are Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

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