Whether you are a nature and scenery lover, a fan of history, or just a cultural explorer, there is a face of Nova Scotia just for you! Whatever you are looking for, appealing shops in the towns and cities, historic sites, fine dining, or outdoors activities, this province has many surprises to entertain you. One often hears Nova Scotia described as having a culture carved out by the sea. It’s true to say that no point of the province is more than 50 kilometres from the coast, and that over 100 beaches dot its shores.

To the north of the province is Cape Breton Island, a natural wonder, best known for its scenic Cabot Trail, a roadway that follows the heights and shores of this rugged coastline, offering spectacular ocean views. Halifax is the provincial capital, and has its very own rich history – you can visit the Atlantic Maritime museum or wend your way up to the heights of the citadel and learn about the important military role that the city held since its establishment. Even the tragic tales of the Titanic touch Halifax, the closest port to the site of the sinking..

Nova Scotia is one of the three Maritime Provinces, grouped closely along Canada’s Atlantic coast. The two others are Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

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