Bienvenue au Québec, the province where the French roots of North America have grown and flourished from the days of the earliest settlements. Known for the warmth of its hospitality, the diversity of its wildlife and its breathtaking scenery, Quebec offers visitors a broad variety of travel experiences all year ‘round.

Montreal and Quebec City are the urban centres most remarked by visitors. Montreal is second only to Paris among French-speaking cities of the world, and its rich culture and remarkable joie de vivre, the joy in life, make it a truly international city! Quebec City has its own unique personality, and has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO, homage to its preservation of its heritage architecture and status as the only walled city in North America. You’ll see its signature from vantage points all over town – the outline of prestigious Chateau Frontenac dominates the skyline!

You can explore these two urban centres but you can also experience the natural contrasts of Quebec, from the tranquility of back-country accommodations, offering canoeing, hiking and more, to the coastal communities along the St. Lawrence, and the chance to see whales in the wild, or perhaps travel to the Lac St. Jean region, and spy bears in their habitat!

This vast province is defined by regions, many with their own distinct experiences that can’t be found elsewhere: coastal Gaspé, the woods and plains of Lac St. Jean, the St Lawrence coast, Mauricie and its lumber heritage, the rugged North Shore, the scenic hills and valleys of Charlevoix and the Laurentians and Lanaudière, leisure playground of Montrealers. Quebec can’t be covered in just one trip – the experience motivates many travellers to return and explore, again and again!

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