If you were struck by the scenery of the film « Into the Wild » then you’ll find the Yukon has endless beauty to enjoy and inspire you! Alaska’s neighbour, the Yukon is an amazing playground of boundless unspoiled nature, a destination that is anything but ordinary.

The Yukon is the region between Canada’s North West Territories and British Columbia, and the American state, Alaska.

The unique mix of wilderness and natural abundance of the far North is what first strikes visitors, and makes travelling the Yukon an unforgettable experience. Explore rivers by canoe or kayak, hike the mountains of the back-country or glacier icefields, and see nature and wildlife in a totally natural setting.

Each season has a unique character in the Far North of the Yukon. From September through April, the most amazing display is there for your enjoyment: the surreal ballet of the Northern Lights, painting the night sky with vibrant glowing waves of azure, magenta and green – so compelling and hypnotizing, some say they even make sounds in the stillness. In summer, this land of midnight sun presents an extraordinary experience of light, brilliant days and subdued bright nights. This environment provides the energy for an abundance of vegetation, and a stark arctic winter transforms into summers that are overwhelming in their mass of colour, a truly endless carpet of wildflowers, and for the millions of birds that live among them.

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